Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Out of the Way

It's 4.05 in the morning 
And I'm still not sleeping

Maybe it's the exam anxiety
Or maybe it's just my body clock malfunctioning

Nevertheless something in my head is ringing
Lyrics from the "Lost Get Found" song by  Britt Nicole singing

Why do we go with the flow 
Or take the easier road
Why are we playing it safe
Love came to show us the way
Love is the chance we should take
I'm moving out of the way...

I don't quite understand 
Neither can I put a finger on it
But somehow right now
This song sings of my present journey 

Whether its about a destiny or a call
A leap of faith or simply trusting 
Living life in His design rather than mine
Sometimes playing safe is something I'd rather try

But getting caught up in this thoughts
Till precious sleep is slowly robbed
I think about my future
The great things in stored for me

A tinge of fear of the unknown
Weirdly mixed with the expectant curiosity
I pry myself open
Finding amusement in whatever I'm feeling 

I'm not there yet where
I'm going against the flow
Or taking the "harder" road
And I sure am playing it safe

But because
Love came to show us the way
And love IS the chance we should take 

I better be kicking my butt off and
Move out of the way...

Not wanting to live a life of regrets
Or settle for second best
As cliche as it sounds 
I shall continue to have faith, hope and love

Help me God, to just move out of Your way.... 

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