Monday, June 2, 2014

The Start and the End

When I wake up in the morning
A sleepy smile on my face
I whisper "Good Morning" to You

Waken up, vulnerable yet not afraid
Messy hair, eye bags and all
I know You still see me as beautiful and perfect

I say a little prayer
May You be prevalent in my days circumstance
Every word I say and move I make

The lovely and not so lovely people I meet
The context in which each situation brings
The not so "accidental coincidences"

May words spoken and actions taken
Lead to Your Glory
For Your name only

And as I go through my day
May you be constant in my thoughts
Day dreaming about You is what I long for

Questioning You about things I don't understand
Acknowledging You in every decision I make
Making sure that all that I do puts a smile on Your face

That, is true worship
Not just singing some song at some particular time
But offering my whole life as a worship to You

Come home looking forward to that time again
Alone time with You
Something I was made for

Whether it's playing my guitar
Or soaking with songs from YouTube
You're not picky on which way I choose

I ravish in Your love for me
As I sing to You
And You over me

That bond between us unlike any other
More than the love of a mother
It's a covenant of gold

And when I'm all tired and groggy
Ready to wind down for the day
And on my bed lay

I say another prayer
Thanking You for the day
How good You've been to me

Reflecting on the conversations
Situations and circumstances
I know You're there through and through

And as I drift away
I dream of You and me
And the fun that will be

For when I wake up in the morning
Once again
There You'll be

And the beautiful cycle starts all over again
With You permeating every part of me
It's really a great relief

That You're forever present
Right here, right now
Right through eternity

Thank You, God for who You are
And who You've made me to be
Your Daughter and lover

In You there is no worry
For with me You'll forever be
Right from the start to the very end....

1 comment:

JetaimeTan said...

I love your writing, Tricia.

I am sitting in a Mexican Restaurant in Vietnam reading your blog while missing my boyfriend. Thanks for reminding me of our first and foremost identity in Christ :)

Wish you all the best in UK. *The feeling of heartsick isn't that good huh :)