Wednesday, September 17, 2008

My school Library's glass Window Pane

Looking out from my school's library glass window pane
I see raindrops falling heavily
A drop itself is nothing much but just a drop in itself
A trinkle of water that does no harm
But when raindrops fall together as one
As they take their turns falling at their defining moments
It becomes something wonderful yet scary at the same time
It refreshes us yet brings us down
It quenches the thirst of plants yet drenches and kills them
It helps streams flow freely yet causes floods unthinkable
It brings water yet brings diseases
It is needed for survival yet it takes many lives

As i look out from my school's library glass window pane
I can see its still raining
But I look past the rain and into the sky
The nice blend of colors, rich yet light
Blue but not too blue, dark but not to dark
Blending softly like a baby's white sheet
Then I realize that I shouldnt look at rain the way i see it before
I should see it as a gift from God
For after the rain there's always a rainbow
The rainbow of His promises
Promising me so much
More than I can imagine.

To be continued......

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