Friday, September 19, 2008

why I write

I write
for my own pleasure
and for the pleasure
of my own viewing

I write
to express myself
when theres no other way
but through my own fingertips

I write
from my own thoughts
and experiences

I write
for the sake of myself
my love ones
family and friends

I write
for those who are illiterate
who cant write
or even read

I write
cos I was given a prophecy
one great one that said
I have the Psalmist anointing

I write
for God gave me this mind
and this hand
to do what i never imagined

I write
trying to reach out to the lost
the unlovable the untouchable
trying my best to touch them with my words

I write
for the sake of my soul
that my body soul and spirit
will be able to connect

I write
cos I cant contain my joy
as i feel His presence
in every school prayer meeting

I write
for the sake of His glory
how awesome He is
I know- cos he's living in me

I write
cos I wanna let the whole world know
He's so good to me
and that I cant wait to see Him in Heaven

I write
cos writing is my passion
same as when I run or read
which also are kinda like my silver linings!

1 comment:

Evelyn said...

Write more dear. You do have the potential to write. Don't worry what ppl think.