Friday, October 10, 2008

the birth of my school's prayer meeting (part 1)

my school has this prayer meeting we do every morning and fri of the week..
its really cool cos its lead by us students with no teachers around!

it started when the 6 of us started a prayer group to pray for our country, lifes and especially for revival to touch our school- KK High!!!

we started around March this year and had only 6 members throughout til may, we would pray in the library really quietly as not to disturb anyone else.. at first it was quite hard cos its like you really haven't woken up yet, then you have to walk to the library first with school books and stuff (heavy and not all that great) then each one of us will take turns to pray.. sometimes we get to class late (which is totally not excusable, later you'll see why), but at that time we thought that we were actually doin the right thing by praying more.. lol.. so all this happen til May....

when May came, we had this Passion camp which was lead by different youth leaders all round KK (thank you guys sooo much!) and it was really something!
the speaker was a totally gifted one and he is none other the cool, funky and down-to-earth, Ps. Kenneth Chin!
he taught us different things that i think will be kept in our hearts throughout our lifes..
he also taught us to pray for Malaysia and our schools and believe that revival will come which EVENTUALLY.......

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