Friday, October 10, 2008

the birth of my school's prayer meeting (part 2)


this is how it goes.. after the camp the 6 of us, Jasperin, Samuel (her bro), Debbie (my sis), Joanna, Priska and I of course got all hiked up and had this bigger burning desire in us to pray for our school... through this camp we met youth from different churches who are in our school and we asked them to join us.. so thats how the numbers got up.... from 6 it became 10 to 12 to 15 and one day we actually had 24 and some days there were more!!!

because of the amount of students coming, we had to change the place where we prayed... so which much prayer and discernment we switched from the library which is on the 1st floor of our IT block to the 2nd floor outside the multimedia room by the corridor...which is actualy quite EXPOSED!!! (I'll try to get some pictures)

yea.. so thats how we progressed... now, 10+ plus students coming to prayer meeting to me is no small thing especially when you have to wake up extra early and walk 2 storeys high just to come down again after half an hour or so... with our bags and sleepiness, its actually quite a sacrifice on our a part.. but of course theres nothing to complain about when our small sacrifice is nothing compared to the sacrifice Jesus did for us on the cross! thankfully none of us had really complain yet.... but of course we do hear complains from friends saying things like "not again", or "sure go prayer meeting one" but nothings gonna stop us. I know so...

after this I"ll write bout the past and what is and gonna happen in these prayer meetings.. I tell you, there are parts where you just wanna laugh, parts where you think lifes unfair, parts where we get ridiculed and more (bout our lateness to enter class) so yea.. if you guys wanna hear more or ask anything just feel free to give a comment ya!
God Bless

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