Friday, October 10, 2008

what happened in prayer today

ok sorry, but i'm just writing and writing on and on bout my school's prayer meeting in just 1 sitting cos i just cant contain it!!! some ppl may not think it like this but i do think its some sort of revival!!!

now, i"ll just tell you what happened this afternoon in prayer (the fri one unlike the usual half an hour one we do everyday at 6.30 in the morn, this one is from 12.30 to 2)

firstly, when school finished and i was walkin out from my class and goin into the class where we usually have our prayer meeting which is on my school block and the same floor with my classroom,(how we got the place and permission to use it is another miracle and will tell you another time) my sis was like "have you seen it, have you seen it outside?" and i was like see what... then she said " the rainbow above, the whole circled one, the one that happened before"(more all less these were what she said) anyway, so i was like really?!? how cool is that and like my usual self i went "this must be a sign from God" and its also prayer meeting today

we actually had quite a few visions and pictures(which we usually call them,so more relatable to new christians) on rainbows and different colors...which is actually cool cos we're practicing the gifts of the spirits like visions, pictures, prophetic words and others too.. may share what we saw in the blogs to come...may..

yea so we were all really hiked up and really wanted to pray for Malaysia as its in its changing stages now...50 years has pass and now for the 51st year its time to give the nation back to God and allow Him to do what He always wanted!!! Its JUBILEE!!!

yea.. so we had worship lead by our wonderful friend Jia Jun, and Miguel on the guitar (thanks, Val and Deb for leading other times) it was good worship.. oh and we also played a game before that which was done by our aweaome friend Hannah(she also has her testimony to tell, actually all of us have our own stories to tell which will just glorify God) we had lots of fun just being ourselves after a whole day of school...then our friend Tan Ta Yun( we call him pastor cos he wants to be one when he is older and is already practicing it in our meetings, keep it up Tan!^^) shared a word on our relationship with God... and the wonderful part was during worship, Jia jun chose the song 'At the cross' by Hillsongs where the bridge goes ' You tore the veil, You made a way, when You said that it is done' ...

and i went on to explain after Tan's message bout how God tore the veil that was seperating the Holy place and Holy of Holies where the real presence of God was the moment Jesus breathed his last and said it is done.. and now, thanks to God, we dont have to slaughter animals in the tabernacle and go through the courtyard,Holy place, and Holy of Holies with fear and rituals but just come and meet Him face to face anywhere and anytime....

then we prayed for Malaysia and saw different things... Jing Jing and i saw the same picture where there were many fire droplets falling something like hail storms(not quite sure) on our land and there were many ppl running around with fear and avoiding the fire.. i didnt quite understand but when Jing Jing said that she saw a picture and explained it i knew it was from God cos we both had the same picture.. but i didnt get the back part and she did so she said after that she saw someone like a man in a malay costume plus the 'songkok' and stuff.. walkin calmly among the havoc through the streets where ppl were running all over.. then she saw in the sky God looking down and crying happy that we were doin something that made God happy.. we dont quite understand the whole part yet.. but she then saw something like a ball or force field covering our land and nothing could harm it and Jesus hugged the ball tightly with tears in His eyes and then the map of Sabah (the one like the dog head) very clearly...we really believe that God is doin somthing in Malaysia and especially Sabah

and it didnt end there.. we took out a picture which i asked Jasperin to draw cos it was seen by A. Christina (thanks aunty!) a church member of mine whom while praying for the prayer meeting and us in D'gap(yea!) ...cos she is so excited bout the revival happening in our school that she listens to every word i have to say bout whats goin on... and then she prayed and while praying, God showed her a picture of a lamb on a fire that was never gonna die down simply because the lamb was Jesus and the blood from the lamb represented the blood of Jesus and we were like the fire burning and with the blood of Jesus over us, the fire will never go out... so as long as we keep pleading the blood of Jesus over ourselves and others(cos when we go for prayer and are on fire for God.. the devil will wanna attack us even more), God will keep the revival burning ....!!! How cool is that!

so thats what happened today or maybe yesterday.. lol its 1.30 in the mornin.. and there is more to come cos God's power is ever working in our school and various lifes..

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Evelyn said...

Revival! Did you write in one breath?