Friday, October 10, 2008


after youth we all went to Salim for supper, was personally filled with mix emotions cos we were there to celebrate Henry's Birthday which is on the 11th of oct but at the same time to also bid him farewell (he's goin to S'pore soon to further studies, go for God!!!) :" yet :)

so we ordered different stuff and ate, quite typical right? not until i asked James to take a picture of us for remembrance... lol.. and look at what he did...

funny huh... he was actually videoing us when he was suppose to take a picture!!! saw how deb was like "make sure can see everybody" and Henry (our B'day boy got kinda bored... poor thing) was like giving the "peace" signs and Andy was like skeptical whether he wanted to be in the picture and Grace, Amy, Brandon and I were like giving different poses. lol!!!

after that things went back to normal til Leon and Joanna decided to play choose (paper, scissors, stone) 7 times (don understand why so many times) and the looser had to eat 7 mouths of Henry's cake... Grace tried to help by asking them to lower the challenge to just 4 mouths but our dear friend Leon insisted on 7.... so lets see who won???

lol.. what goes around really comes around! we really had a great time and we're all gonna miss Henry so so much! he's been more than a youth leader to us, a friend, a worship leader, an older brother and so much more... i believe he will bless many in S'pore..

Henry, just wanna say thank you so much for everything you've done in our lives especially me and my sis for sending us to church to and fro, for leading worship, for giving us life lessons, for organizing D'Race, for taking the lead in missions and the list goes on... we're really gonna miss you here but we believe that God has His purposes for you.. oh ya and thanks for teaching me how to blog :)

Henry really is a blessing to most of us... thats why he is 1 of my SILVER LININGS!!!

(note to Grace: really glad you could come, don think too much and leave it all to God, will be praying for you!)


Evelyn said...

The 1st video is so so funny... I laugh so much... You guys really made Henry's day unforgetable!

Anonymous said...

Yea..We been a great on that night!! ^.^ By the way, I'm fine and I gradually get use to it now.. Thanks for your caring! God bless~

Grace Ashton

Henry LeE ® said...

wowwww.... Im so not gonna forget about that night, u guys really worked so hard (not really) to embarrest me :p oh well i am really glad that you guys did not make holes in my wallet...hehe... jk jk~ thanks guys!