Friday, October 17, 2008

House Bunny

Just watched the house bunny today, don really know what to think of it.
The storyline is good really, but the connection with the playboy mansion and playboy playmates including the founder in the movie gives me doubts.
How the playmate changed for the better is great but i'm not sure whether the process should be followed. i don really know, but when my mom heard that the founder of the playboy industry was in the movie itself we had quite a debate.

of course it was quite funny but i wouldnt say it was really hilarious, cos if we really read between the lines, some of the jokes are topics we really try to avoid.
worst part is i got my sis and aunt to come watch with me rather than my friends--wrong move
my aunt said that we all had to be delivered .. lol(i think we do)

anyway the good part was that the 7 girls who thought they were misfits and ugly with the help of Shelley (the former playmate) began to find their through self, but also went quite overboard and became ppl they were not. which eventually drived them to blame everything on Shelly.

However, they finally found their balance and became who they really were from the inside out. I loved the part where Shelley said that her heart was gonna fall out of her head, sounds stupid huh? but she said in everything we do or choices we make we have to use our mind as well as our heart equally, which i think makes sense. but sadly i still think that the perverseness of the show kinda overshadowed the morality potrayed. of course its nothing compard to American Pie, which for your information i couldnt even bear to finish. i donno, call me contradictive, but i still think that it has an awesome storyline of just being and believing yourself.

the +side, Katherine McPhee is in it and i found out later that Adam Sandler was one of the producers. parts where Shelley talked 'bout meteors and ethromycin were kinda cool too. so i'm not sure whether i'm really for the movie or against it.

All i know is that the 1 thing Shelly and I have in that we own the same handphones


Henry LeE ® said...

same hp? lol... i missed so many movies odi! High School Musical 3 is coming up next for u guys! Not for me! hehe~

Evelyn said...

Haha... how come didn't ask me to watch? Then mom won't have to complain..

Evelyn said...

haha.. I watch High School M 3 with Ann and laugh so much... cuz was really funny... think you sure watched liao la kan?

Tricia said...

lol... yup, watched already :)