Friday, October 10, 2008


its 12.25 in the mornin, tired but happy...

today we had our youth group at Kyrugma House which was fun especially cos Ps. Aster was the speaker!!! she talked bout BGR (boy-girl realationship)... which was a great help cos i believe that we're all in stages where we think bout this seriously...(thanks Aster!!!)

so yea.. she told us different important stuff to sum it up: 1st, we have to love ourselves and ask ourselves why we do.. list it all out then compare it to
Galations 5:22,23- But the fruit of the Spirit is love, joy, peace, longsuffering, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness, self-control.
if there is any of the above qualities in the reasons we love ourselves then its great.. cos self-acceptance is so important!!!

the she went on to talk bout how we can start praying for our future marriage partners even at our young age... below is what to pray for our marriage partner now:
1. If a you're a guy, pray for a girl (vice-versa)
2. Partner must love God
3. Have similar life goals
4. Respect other guys and girls
5. If called to be single God will tell

so this are what Ps. Aster taught us.. cool huh!?!

and after that we were asked by the youth in charge to hold hands in a circle and pray for the ppl on our left.. I really believe that it was God's will cos as i was praying for the person on my left i had this strong impression that this aunty was having a hard time making an important decision... i wasn't sure whether its from God or myself... but after praying i gathered my guts up to ask her whether she's in the midst of makin a decision and to my surprise she really did! so i prayed for her and hope for her all the best( i'll cont to pray for you, aunty) God is really working in her life and her family!!! and i believe she will be a SILVER LINING!!!

so today i learned that we always have to take chances.. cos what is there too loose.. its better to make a mistake and learn from it rather than keep something from someone when God is actually using you as His mouth-piece.. so what if we were wrong just try again and believe, for with faith all things are possible!!!!

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