Friday, March 27, 2009

I hate the word "perfect"

I hate the word perfect
Although I'm a perfectionist at nature
Don't know why I'm born like that
Just really hate it sometimes

I hate the word perfect
Cos it cripples me from doing things
Afraid that I may not accomplish my own standard
I just don't even dare to start

I hate the word perfect
Because I know no one is
But my perfectionist nature
Judges them from within

I hate the word perfect
Cos then I force myself to think
That I can be perfect in academics, ballet and piano
But I don't have Straight A's and don't always get distinction
So why am I forcing myself
To be deceive and to fall into depression

I hate the word perfect
Because I am a perfectionist at heart
Giving myself permission to complain about this imperfect world
Nothing seems to be good enough
For this little perfectionist

But then in Philippians 3:12 it says
"Not that I am already attained, or am already perfected;
but I press on, that I may lay hold of that
for which Christ Jesus has also laid hold for me."

Yet in Matthew 5:48 it says
"Therefore you shall be perfect,
just as your Father in Heaven as perfect."

I hate the word perfect
Because in this case where there are contradictions even in verses
I know I shouldn't take them out of the context
but my perfect self will just wanna choose one

So Father I pray that You will help me
To give myself more grace
To know that I dont have to be perfect in everything I do
To know that I dont have to pressure myself till the point of death
just so there can be perfection in this world
To know that no matter how many times I fail
or even look down upon myself
I will know that I am perfect in Your eyes
For I was made like You
Like Father, Like Son
Or in this case,
Like Father, Like Daughter.... =)

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