Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Tragedy, forgivable? (part 2)

"Where's your phone" were the first words that came out.
Not even a "hello" or a greeting
No one in their innocent mind
Will talk about a phone the first moment they see you.

So if she did'nt sound innocent
She might be guilty
But how can it be
Was it really her?

A teacher's son's "bob the builder" lunchbox was also stolen
And she too suspected her
But nothing was said
As we dont like pointing fingers

Cutting the long story short
All evidence pointed at her
She was confronted
But everything's still blur

She didn't admit
and we have no proof
no eye-witnesses
nothing physically strong

But still!
We all know its her...
What can we do?
Lodge a report, or just retrench her?

That wont be a wise or Godly thing to do
I'm glad I've forgiven her
But truth is
It is easy to forgive but hard to forget.

I see her everyday now
and there are still some bitterness here and there
But all I see is a girl asking for help
For love, for money and most of all for God
(although she's already a christian)

She may not know she needs God
But who doesnt?
So all I can be right now
Is a representative of Jesus.

I hope she can see God through me
In the little ways I do
Loving her unconditionally
Not too make her more guilty
But 'cos its the right thing to do...

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