Monday, May 10, 2010

10.05.2010 - A Happening New Chapter of My Life

I'm so psyched!
I don't know where to start!!!

First. It's my birthday
Second. It's my first day of college
I've not only grown in age
But in my life's diary I've turned on a new page
My "first-day" and my "birthday"
All in one day!
How cooler can it get?

Made quite a few friends
Got more than a hundred birthday wishes
Wondering why life sways
In such cool motions just like the fishes

What have I ever done
For God to bless me with so much
Life's fun and worth living
For He has blessed me as such

A New Day. A New Phase. A New Life. A New Beginning.
I guess it all starts when you start believing
Of course believing first in the One who made it all possible
Then the rest will naturally follow

Waking up to birthday wishes
And to an orientation full of laughter
Made the anxiety of last night disappear
The fears, the doubts of being unknown
Has trickled away to a place called "forgotten"

Just went out with a friend I just met
Couldn't get as better as it gets
Went out with her for a pleasant dinner
She wanted to take me for its my birthday!

Life's a blur
In a tremendously good way this time
For I'm still trying to recollect my thoughts
From all the happenings of today
It will be something I'll cherish forever

Thank You God for all You've done
For going before me every step of the way
Knowing that even in my present struggle
The outcome of it will be like rubble
Crumbling down to show your result
Making it far greater than it really seem or sound

And to all of you who gave me wishes
For a birthday I will never forget
No candle, no cake
But received love that's far more greater
You all have a mark on this wonderful day of my life

Turning 19 today
And starting college life
Nothing can be more right
Than this
Happening New Chapter of My Life!!!

A day I will never forget.Period.

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