Sunday, May 16, 2010

Life in college...

"Life in college"
A transition phase
With the world and life at your fingertips
Freedom, time, friends, environment
All at the advantage of your calling
You do what you choose
And choose what you do
With no one in control
But you and you alone.

Its one week in of my college experience
And I'm living the life!!!
Well, maybe just for now
Cos classes havent started
And it has been all orientation and easy, fun stuff
Telematches, auditions, introductions
Friends, friends and friends...
I'm Lovin It!

Got to meet lots of cool people
Seriously Divine
And just became a finalist
After 3 auditions
Skeptical now cos they say
"You will be famous"
And its gonna be intensive
5 to 9 for 7 weeks
How am I gonna study and meet up woth friends?
That's crazy!

Hopfully I'll be able to rule over my circumstance
And forever make my stand
On studies, friendships, and especially my faith
That way college life will turn out great!
It is me against the world!
And college life is the life!!!

1 comment:

HenRy LeE ® said...

now u r living the life ey?
wait until u start working, go traveling and all but still student's life is the best... i really miss it so much! hope u'll be famous in ur college as a good christian disciple :)

The CleverMunkey