Wednesday, June 2, 2010

When life is down...

Just did a not-so-good performance last night. Not-so-good would be an understatement. We did really really really bad. So bad there were bad vocabs included(in the comments). I think all 6 of us felt real down. We tried our best but personally, I think my nerves got the best of me when my partner went, "for this group you just say everything lah" How do we work in pairs if only 1 of us is gonna talk! so it ended up me dominating him in a really bad way while I made a total fool of myself.

When life is down, it just comes to show
That if there's no down, there will be no up

Will we understand the true meaning of happiness
If we've never felt sad
For how should we grade it
On a solo plat it stands

We did very badly
Worse then a terrible medley
The jokes weren't funny
And the lines never cut it

Already feeling down
The comments made us way below down
Making people seem useless
To the extent of thinking they were a mistake

So what, it's just this one time
I don't think we're back to square 1
We just have to keep practicing
And in ourselves keep on believing

The up side of this whole situation?
It just got me closer to God
Knowing that I can't lean on my own understanding
But believe in the way things work with Him

It may seem illogical
Sometimes even superficial
But things are so real with Him
Life just turns into a whole new meaning

Still felt down this morning
So listened the voice of Brooke Fraser singing
The worshipers in Hillsongs
Just made me felt even more smaller

They're so talented and good at what they do
The way they write and make music to our King
Would I ever hold up to people's expectation?
They said they were disappointed in me

But then I think again
I don't have to lean on people's perspective on me
I solely have to rely on God's
For on Him is where I stand

And the way God looks at me
Is the same way He looks at Brookie
Created in His image
Perfected in His sight

I hope my friends will feel the same way
To not think they were an accident
For when God is in sight
The sorrow turns to joy
Even when life is down...

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Abby Teo said...

Hyee Trish! You are greatt okayyy.dont tink ur not good.!! Keep it up!