Saturday, June 26, 2010

The shortcut to college

Training for Talent Time Night is finishing later each day
This one night I was really tired
So instead of going for our usual supper
I decided to go back
But how?!
The long way back to the hostel is just too long
And the shortcut is closed at 10.30
But I decided to try the latter cos sometimes it isn't locked.

The long walk alone was really scary
Jungle on my left and crickets sounds
Made me feel weak in the knees
The walk felt like forever
Began talking to God out loud
And singing worship songs
Trying to drown out the crazy creepy sounds

Reached the first gate
Thankfully it's open!
The second gate?
Not so great...
It was locked!!
After that whole frightening walk?
No way am I gonna take the road more taken
Decided to climb the fence
Got a "short cut" like literally!!
The sharp wires on top the fence
Those that keep the bad guys out
Scratched me so deep
Immediately it started to bleed

Called my friends for help
And managed to climb and jump over
Thanks to them fior supporting the wobbling green fence

Reminds me of our walk with God
There isn't really any shortcut to God
Yes, Jesus is the only way
And reading the Bible and praying will lead us closer and faster
But without all these we may just go nowhere

But it helps when my mom tells me
"You take 1 step towards God, he takes 10 steps towards you"
God is always there!
We just have to know it and believe!

So whether there's a shortcut or not
The path less traveled is where I'll go
It may be scary or even creepy at times
But God is with me, He's right by my side

And I'll have friends who'll lead me back
To lead me back on the right track
Like how my friends helped me with the fence
I really appreciate my christian friends

So if "shortcut" is referred to as a "way"
Then Jesus is my shortcut, my only way
No need jaw sticks
No need rituals
Just a relationship
No strings attached
May be the shortcut less traveled
But will forever be the path I'll follow...


Anonymous said...

honey that was so touching to read!!!
= )

Journal Blogger said...

ha ha ha realy? nice one