Thursday, June 17, 2010

Emotions aside, My Daddy's by my side

It has been a crazy ride!
Just like a roller coaster at height
The screams and shouts you just can't hide
And even throwing up you just might!

Ok, so it's not that bad
I do get sad, tired and frustrated
But not to the point of throwing up
But still to the point of giving up

The MC training has been quite tough
Talents sometimes get rough
Situations gets pretty tense
And anger and disappointment are not just pretense

Plus there are task works, tutorials and tests
Assignments, assignments and assignments
The deadlines come so fast
Sometimes you even forget to take your bath
(just joking!!! I never missed a shower, just cos it rhymes XD)

I'm happy that I managed to finish a huge assignment
To cover all the cabinet ministers of our country
30 ministers can take very long
But with 3 hours of sleep, I barely managed

These past 2 weeks my emotions were crazy
One time your high, the next second your not
Getting all demotivated again
You wonder whether life's worth living

But I took mom's advice to not slack on devotion and prayer
Seems illogical cos time is what I'm fighting
But I'm glad I did and gave the first time of my everyday to God
And He has helped me a seriously whole lot

The stress is less
The confidence is back
Cos no matter what happens
My God has my back

Its supernatural that I could just sleep for 3 hours
And not get tired the next day
And had a friend to accompany me til 5 am
I know he's God sent

I'm more in control of myself now
Of course the control is in God's hands first
But through this one month of college
I have felt Him and drawn closer to Him
(cool huh, cos college life is where the test of our faith stands)

I have zero depression
And good emotions
Peace at heart
And a God that's smart

Reality check
I may still feel sad
For life as a Christian
Is just easier said
But I should have no fear
For He's forever near
Emotions aside
My Daddy's by my side!!!

(my dad, my friend, my king- He's unbeatable!!!)


Journal Blogger said...

i hope i had your faith

andrew peng said...

i hope i had your faith

Journal Blogger said...

i hope i had your faith

Journal Blogger said...

i hope i had your faith