Monday, October 1, 2012

Fear of the Future

No more fear of the future
I think of this I'm quite sure
As I have this liberation
Of having no more tension

Gripped by the fear of not making it
Of being a cleaner or a sweeper
Deceptive thoughts that crept in
Crippling me in that present moment

Confidence lost
And victorious thoughts gone
I seep into this subtle depression
A world where I end up a failure

But I'll never reach my future
Two girls once told me
For when I've reached it
I have my "next" future to "fear" about

So there is no point
In worrying for something
That may never be of realization
For when it comes in motion

I'll be able
For my God is able
I'll be calm in the storms
And strong against the winds

The past months I tried looking, feeling and being happy
But deep down you know it's just all in the making
Right now, I'm totally sick with a bad sore throat
But deep down I feel peace and in the knowing

That my God holds the Universe
My future career, happiness and husband :P
My destiny belongs to Him
Fitting in His palm

And for that I can be reminded of Jeremiah 29:11
Being so sure of the fact that He is sure of my future
Although I'm quite clueless at the moment
via my opera
I have no more fear of the future....

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