Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Caught in the Mix Up

Caught in the mix up and thrown into the water
Flapping my arms and feet to survive this feat
I struggle to not just survive this massive sea around me
But to understand what and all that IS happening around me

Suddenly things become so clear
That it's not as easy as Black nor White
The greyish areas permeates
And then the "wrongs" are made right

In my innocent, over-sheltered and naive mind
The equation is as easy as simple math
"We do our job, something we love, and people benefit from that!"
It's hard to realize that it's way more complicated than it seems

Like how being naked is not wrong
Neither it a sin
But that does not legalize the use of pornography
Or just the fact that millions come out of it

In this haze I don't know where I stand
A mystified mess that no one seems to understand
When both sides justify with legal rights?
Where does the law stand in on who is REALLY right?

The system has been tampered
And corruption seems inevitable
Camouflaging  into the system
Like it was an original

It's not yet a month but I'm seeing so much
Educated people in suits aren't all  that "educated"
While people in tattoos and piercings have the nicest mannerisms on earth
The wall of "stereotyping" I grew up with, broken down bit by bit

Caught in the mix up, I have no where else but to look up....

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