Friday, March 8, 2013

Without Words

It was just last night when I was trying to play the guitar and soak in His love for me, winding down after a long day's work. The downside? I wasn't spending the night in my own room and the guitar was a classical. Trying to press the "wide-spread" strings with my comparatively tiny fingers was a struggle. Not too sure whether it was lethargy or frustration, but no words were sung. As I flowed into a simple tune, plucking the strings and gently catching the rhythm, fading into a melody of four simple chords, I realize that no words need to be sung.

Giving up out of frustration, I just let the sound of the strings sing. That moment, like a subtle jolt, I realized that the strings can sing for itself and so can my heart without words. Too many revelations flood my mind this very second. Psalms 66:4 says that "All the earth shall worship you.." and I doubt a guitar would be excluded. (lol, just thinking out loud.)

And so as I begin to fully grasp what worship from the heart is all about, I realize that words may be the last thing on my mind sometimes, maybe even on His. Why? Cos words can't really fully describe the greatness and wonders of this Awesome God we serve! He's so far-fetched that the word "far-fetched" to describe Him would be undermining His glorious ways!

If God could read our hearts, I believe it would be a far cry from what we are actually expressing. Words and actions can only limit ourselves from fully and truly letting out on how we feel! And so as I was browsing through Bethel's Facebook site, the two words "WITHOUT WORDS" jumped out at me, and I was there and then introduced to a whole new world of songs without words, the power it brings in an 'unscripted' manner and the answer to my subconscious question I had in my quiet time last night when I just had no words. 

This is "Without Words"...  

Where even a typewriter becomes an instrument of worship....

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