Saturday, March 2, 2013


Working here has been more than a roller coaster ride
That would be an understatement.

Never knew that one month of internship
Can throw all that I've known in my sheltered life out the window
And open my eyes to a door just half opened
Mercifully giving me time to digest whatever lies behind

Can't fathom the amount of joy and gratification I'm feeling from my job
It's crazy and I don't wanna turn a 'workaholic'
But this is not something that I have always dreamed of as a young girl
No, it's something I reached through a series of 'pleasant' accidents
And many 'I-don't-know-what-to-do's"
Through very unassuming ways

Thanks to this blog of mine
I got exposed to the world of writing and beyond
With great encouragement coming from overseas
And nothing else to study
I stand amazed at where I stand.

With God before me
And Britt Nicole playing through my headphones
It's like I can take on whatever the world brings

Loved, blessed and favored, I feel.......content.

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