Thursday, November 27, 2008

people all around me

People all around me
Judging me from my appearance
My actions, my sayings

People all around me
Think they can sum up a person
With just a look of the eye

People all around me
Just look on the outside
But never on the outside


Why do I care so much
Of what people think of me
For its silly on my part
to even think like that

They think they know a whole lot about me
But they actually don't
For the one who knows me best
Is the One above

So the next time if I do the same
Judging people for the sake
I'll remember the words from someone I look up to
Rachel Scott- a martyr of faith
whom was also my age =)
"always be a see-througher and not a look-atter"

So the next time people think
They know something about me
But it's actually not true
I'll just let it go
If it's a compliment, I'll keep it
If it's a comment, I'll work on myself
But I wont let it tear me down
No, not this time
For I know we're not perfect
And I'm happy, content and grateful
with just the way I am!!!

*this is just something that came while i was studying, suddenly putting myself in the shoes of celebrities, world leaders, big shots and even typical teenagers. the pressure they feel under the magnifying glass of people whom have nothing better to do than judge. But don't get me wrong, I love writing and I write this in a very optimistic way. peace!!! (also a reminder for myself not to judge others..hehe)


ClemenyXellos Freedom said...

Hey... lol
You not yet link me ler....

Evelyn said...

Were you studying then? I belive today is your last day of exams? Congrats!!

Henry LeE ® said...

sometimes we shud leave some place for other people to judge us, maybe they are right but maybe not but in all times we must be optimist and not look down on other people's comment.... :) God bless...!