Wednesday, December 3, 2008

SPM's over!?!

time flies and before i know it, SPM's over!!!
but 1 thing i really learn from this experience is that SPM is not everything.
And i have my friends to back me up on this.. hehe
cos even from the start of last year, teachers were like " you all better buck up, 1 more year and SPM" and in the beginning of the year
"its less than a few months til you all sit for the ultimate test"
but surprisingly, the closer we get to the real thing the more complacent we become.
my friend whose always top in class went through this exam with ease not even feeling it.
ha ha, but not for me. I did have a few sleepless nights and stuff but it wasnt as bad as PMR(screaming and singing all over the place)
SPM is important as a stepping stone and its good to get good results!!! but if we dont its not the end of the world!
*fingers cross. i just hope i do well*


Evelyn said...

lol... congrats dear on your new found freedom!!

ClemenyXellos Freedom said...

lol... PMR... Sing...
SPM... no Sing?
haha... and now after SPM... everyday at home "Sell Satay" lor~...

Henry LeE ® said...

of course u will! God is watching u all the time :)