Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Tempted by God's awesome creation!!!

Ok, so yesterday my relatives and I went to 2 islands for them to go see the beautiful islands(one is from England, and the others Australia) and to also get to know each other more. Ones Pulau Manukan, the others Pulau Memetik I guess(lol, just spellin using suku-kata)

Anyway, i didnt really feel like goin, cos mainly we go there to swim in the beaches if not theres really nothing much we can do, but my monthly friend came so I was skeptical whether i wanted to go. So I went with the intention of not going into the waters but just sitting by the beach and chatting with my uncle and cousins. However when 2 of my relatives rented snorkels to see the fish inside I was kinda interested. so I just went to deep my feet in the water avoiding any water contact with my upper body..lol.. that didnt work because we were so close to the fishes that i was drawn immediately!!!!

It was CRAZY!!! To see the fishes swimming in schools all around you and right in front of your face was magnificent!!! That is even an understatement, its just totally indescribable for anyone who loves nature. I mean, can you even believe it that God created nature with everything planned out and He has even input into the little fishes brains not to be afraid of wierd,huge scary humans acting all surprise and curios about them. Haha.. if I were the fish I will be totally freaked out when I see this wierd creatures with huge goggles and this tubes sticking through their mouth just waiting to take a glance of me just for their pleasure..

Changing my own perspective and looking from a fish's perspective really showed me how awesome God created them. They didnt even look intimidated by us! Just enjoying themselves swimming with their friends ignoring how close they were to the same species that eat them for dinner or catch them for pure fun. It was just a spectular sight knowing that God put in every detail and knew that even though the first thing that comes to our mind with the word "fish" is "food", He still incrypted in their cute little brains that its ok to swim around us (i think)

Of course it wasnt all fun, we got stung by Jellybuds throughout the whole experience but it was all worth it. I'm really proud of my cousins Abby and Wanda, 12 and 11 who didnt whine much but was also mature enough to 'take a step back, and admire God's creation' . My other cousin Melvin was also a real gentlemen for piggybacking us in the really deep parts and letting all 4 of us jump onto him when Deb saw a real seasnake!!!! That seasnake really did give me the creeps! When Deb saw it first she was like "ok, dont freak out, don't freak out, breath well with your snorkels" and when she was holding onto Melvin and me in a safer place she screamed "I just saw a snake!!!" that totally freaked all of us out! I and Melvin being typical teenagers and wanting to stare dangerous creatures in the eye wanted to go have a look so she brought us to the same spot, I was really nervous and breathed before putting my head into the waters, went in couldnt see a thing and went really close (partly because of my shortsightedness) i got so close to what seems to be a rock, looked closer, saw the white scales and totally freaked out!!! Looking back i think that was really funny yet dangerous....but that snake didnt stop us from staying in the water til our lips got all salty and painful which made food in our mouth tasteless!

I really wish I had a underwater camera to bring what I just wrote to justice. But that cant be done so you guys should go check it out for yourselves! And please call me along too..haha
Oh ya, and don't worry my monthly friend didnt draw in the sharks... which was also a case that scared us all especially Abby when she realised.....

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actually its mamutik... haha... ya... really niice der