Sunday, December 21, 2008

my celebrity crush!!!

Ok, I'm actually quite surprise that I am saying this, but i really do think i have a crush on a celebrity whose not that! I have always look up to female singers like Kelly Clarkson and bands like Daughtry, love their music, love them. But never actually love love them as in have this feeling all over when you see them sing or hear their lyrics.This was even a shocker to me when i felt the way i felt looking at Drew Seeley on youtube. Doesnt ring a bell? I told you he wasn't that popular! well maybe among the western side he is but i doubt any of my chinese chinese friends even know who he is... anyway back to the point.

I first heard about him as the singing voice of Troy in High School Musical(HSM). First saw him in the HSM concert, but he never really did struck me til I saw him in a youtube video.The words he wrote and sang went straight to my heart, don't laugh.. even I still don't know why, lol!
Anyway, bought the DVD "another Cinderella story" and he was the main actor in it, kinda like the Prince Charming! Even then i wasn't that impress cos he seemed to be typical like a Zac Efron, Jesse Mccartney kinda guy. But when i knew he wrote the songs he sang, that really caught my attention. And his videos are clean i guess... like not sexual and stuff which is typical nowadays.So i guess he is going against the flow, writing his own music not letting managers create him, but focused on creating a courier of his own.

I guess the other qualities that draws my attention is his love, talent and passion for dancing, singing and writing.... in which are also stuff i love to do!!!But I guess he's a bit too old for me, cos he's 26, but nowadays age doesn't really matter.. does it? Now all I have to know is whether he is a christian or just ignore me

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Mrs Park said...

Guys who are 25 and older are more me at least *coughs*

Sadly, Seeley doesn't have any religion..