Friday, August 14, 2009

A boy named Seth

It was Monday & I didn't get home straight after work. Just to help out, I asked whether any of the children needed to be put to bed for their afternoon nap. I was given Seth, this 3 year old boy- adorably cute.

Brought him up, turned on the air-con, and opened his sleeping bag. Lied next to him but he was really restless & too energetic, waking up and flipping books trying to read them. Asked him to lie down and to just close his eyes. Could'nt. Instead he started playing with a plaster on his knee. I asked him where & when did he get the bruise, somewhere at home I think. To my surprise he opened the plaster & there wasn't anything there. So he started sticking it all over himself, from his forehead to his arms and legs.

Ironically, I fell asleep.(not so good a teacher, huh) instead of putting him to sleep, he put me to sleep. I don't know how long was it, when another teacher came up to call him cos his car was here. I don't think he even slept! anyway.....

Later that day, and I mean way way later, as I was getting ready fora facial, I felt something came off my left elbow. And what was that, but Seth's plaster on a scar I had since I was about 3 or 4. Right there on my elbow. That sweet boy put his plaster on me maybe to ease the pain, maybe just for fun.... I don't really know. But this one's for him.

A boy name Seth
just 3 years old
yearn for acceptance
and even more to be loved.

He had family issues
at the tender age of 3
parents didn't live together
couldn't even face each other.

Supposed to put him to sleep
instead he put me to sleep
while I was dreaming
there he was healing.

A plaster on his knee
stuck to my elbow now
on a stitch scar I forgot
that was there years ago.

Don't know what was on his mind
or what was he thinking
but all I know
his heart is as pure as snow.

That plaster is in a book I'm reading
I'll treasure it not just when I'm dreaming
hopefully I'll be there the day he can write
so his name will be on the plaster, that will be so right.

My dear Seth
how I feel the pain when I see your eyes
tired from the shuffling
from going house to house.

How your mood swings
or how sad you look
maybe of something negative
a parent of yours made of the other.

But when I look deeper
straight into your heart
I see an innocent boy
who cant control the situations around him.

But don't be afraid, boy
for God is always near
Maybe I'll tell you about Him
when you're old enough to hear.

As for now just be yourself
loving and caring to the ones around you
wish I had a plaster to put on your heart
that way we'll be even, for you covered my scar.

Rest assure and know
you'll grow up a wonderful person
someone who loves family
never repeating mistakes of the ones you truly love.

I'll say a prayer for you
not only when I see the plaster
but whenever I'm thinking of you
making sure you're in God's hands.

So don't worry now
your safe and sound
surrounded by people who loves you
loved by a God who adores you

I will never forget you
wishing there were more people like you
situations indescribable
all because of a boy name Seth.

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