Wednesday, August 19, 2009

A strong little girl I know

A strong little girl I know
has pain that didn't show
never once I saw her cry
wasn't someone who was shy

She had this beautiful smile
though her journey a thousand miles
eyes that shine oh so bright
like the stars in a starry night

Plagued with diseases
that are foreign on our lips
let alone the poor girl's own lips
but oh how she graced them with ease

Won't forget the sound of her laugh
watching "Ice Age 3" sitting right beside her
the look in her eyes in that dark cinema
amused and joyful is part of her charisma

Told us she did talk to God
although some may see it odd
for conversations with God, her mom didnt know
for she only went straight to God

My friend saw a tear
only seen when you're near
she was letting God in
telling him secrets only for His ears

That tear I believe is kept preciously
in a corner of heaven above the clouds
put in a bottle with a red bow tied
her name written on it, close to God's heart

I believe she's doing the right thing
letting go and letting God
hopefully its official
that God's inside, not superficial

Her name starts with an "A"
for "A" as in Audrey
she deserves a million more A's
for walking victoriously through life's long journey

Her walk isn't over
yes she's still here
I believe she will stay strong
for she's tough and can hold on for long

I pray that God will guard her heart
especially when situations are hard
always there like the stars at night
may not see them, but they're always there

Audrey, know that I'll say a prayer
for Him to cast out your fear
and in the many more prayers
that you may know He's near

Your life's like a storybook
filled with a plot- the beginning and end
there will be happiness, trials, joy and pain
but with a happy ending, if you keep Him near

You'll be a blessing to many
for you're already a blessing to me
just live your life to the fullest
never neglecting God in your wildest

You have taught me so much
more than I can munch
I'll never forget you
thank you so much

Be strong, stay happy
never erasing that smile on your face
but most importantly
stay close to Jesus

For He knows you through & through
more than you can imagine
even more than you know yourself
that's how great He is

Thank Him for your family
they are so great & loving
I give them my blessings
and I believe God will give them His

I could write on and on
but I'll have to stop somewhere
so might as well stop here
but there's so much more to hear

Just keep trusting Him
hope you wont forget me
and remember 'cancer' is not in your vocabulary
neither will it be in the future

Please know that I love you
And that our Father above loves you more
lessons from the life
of a strong little girl I know!

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