Friday, August 28, 2009

"The Slave Princess"

I don't know where to start! But this past week I have been dancing non-stop! and I love it! 10 to 10 in a day is no joke, but an awesome experience. Met so many people who live life through dance!
They kinda spread that onto me now...

The dancers and cast involve in this "The Slave Princess" performance are just so talented! Some are in their fifties and still dancing.. wish I could be like that. Even met 2 of the cast from "Drunk before Dawn" which was really cool. They are sooo into the performing arts. Really an honor to work with all these talented people!

This production was to raise money for Chung Hwa KK and a few other organisations.. has been advertising for us everyday for the past month. And this past week the dancers were featured in the paper. In yesterdays show, they brought disabled kids from one of the homes and it was just so touching to see them watching throughout the show!They loved it! not sure how the turn up is gonna be in tonights show. *fingers crossed* hope enough money will be raised.

Cant wait for tonight! Have to go get ready soon! And the best part is, the after party is at ''atmosphere"!!!! the revolving restaurant. some of us are more excited bout that then even the show itself. the organizors are really feeding us like crazy!! but then again, we do need the energy.

I'm so into dancing right now!

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