Friday, March 26, 2010

My First...

It's been 3 days here in Kl, and I cant help but think back of when Uncle A. in KK kept reminding me of my every last (cos he was preparing me to realize that I'm leaving for Kl real soon, but secretly, I think he doesnt want me to!) Anyways, there was my "Last Supper", my "Last time on stage" (for worship leading), my last "Anchors"...and so on so forth...

And now since I'm here in KL, I just can't stop thinking bout all "My First"!
Like how when I just started to learn to drive, in my heart I kept saying, "Wow! my first bump!", "My first turn", "My first lane change", "My first signal"......

Well so far in Kl I had
cooked my First 2 meals today!
got a nasty first oil burnt while cooking!
hand washed my first FULL pail of clothes (which was very tiring)!
swam 10 laps in a kl pool for the first time,
mopped the kitchen for the first time in 5 years,
called my mom,dad,sis,godma for the first time
got my first pajamas in Kl
ate claypot chicken rice in kl for the first time
and I believe these many "Firsts" will keep rolling in as long as I'm here in KL.

While in Perth!
I touched kangaroos and a Koala for the first time,
Got scratched by a Kangaroo for the first time,
Met really cool friends for the first time,
met old friends in Perth for the first time,
saw them play well during worship in Perth for the first time,
Went crabbing for the first time
Found the bible I was looking for all over Malaysia for the first time
Got my first assignment to write an article for the first time...

And now my back is hurting for the first time in kl, maybe I should stop right here, I know this is a bit lame, but there's no better way for me to make all my "Wonderful Firsts" a memorable one..hehe..God Bless!


Amy said...'re stepping into another phase of your dad didn't remind me so much of my 'lasts'..probably cause he didn't want me to drown in sorrow lolll. But anyway i completely understand when you say it didn't fully sink in that you were leaving! Enjoy and cherish your many firsts, and don't pine too much for the 'lasts' (that's if you are pining at all lol), there will always be a chance to revisit those 'lasts' again, God willing. Be safe and find joy in living! =D Take care! miss you!

Tricia said...

Haha, thanks Amy! i'll try cherishing my many first here in KL even though its quite hard and I'm not that good with change, but thanks for the encouragement, you have it even more challenging i mean compared to me cos you went to England yet you're handling it sooo well! haha, i should learn that from you, btw, miss you too!
oh and you did figure out U. A was your dad huh? haha...