Sunday, March 7, 2010

An Unforgetful Farewell

A farewell I would never forget
Is the one my youth group gave me
It's the best I have seen yet
And on my heart it will forever be the best

They threw me into the pool 2 times!
Both without me realizing
But even though I am small
It took them time to make me fall!

There were so many hiccups
Which makes it all the more fun
A birthday cake for a birthday girl
And new leaders who didn't even know her
(those who were there, you know what i mean)

My very good leader
Who was so full of cheer
Offered to take a picture
And in the pool she gently went
With phone and everything, all is wet!

The wonder of "reflex screaming"
Which made me scream the wrong name
When I was lifted in the air
To be dunked into water
I called J's dad instead!

He stopped immediately
Making it very timely
For me to dash away
To escape
And run away

The card they made me
Seen at the wrong time
Got a scolding
Pretend I didnt saw it
And the night was full of "wrong-timing" surprises

Thanks to all who made the bbq a success
Never thought it would be like a fest
Laughter, screaming, and playing catch
Pushing people in was they're main attempt

Almost everyone was wet!
Except some who escaped
We'll get you sometime!
And we're gonna do it with fun!

Thank God for friends like these
Who don't do things for the sake of doing
But to do it for the sake of meaning
And naturally friendships were bonding

I had a great night
Even though the guard came out
Our noise level so high
People could hear 6 storeys-high

Every single one there
May they stay in God's hands
Those who are saved
May they draw even close
Those who haven't
May they see Your glory
For time is running fast
And my heart's desire
Is to see them during my holidays when I get back
But even more importantly
To see them when we spend all of eternity together...

God bless you all!!!

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