Monday, March 29, 2010

Something that will "Last"

ok, I know my 2 previous post have been pretty lame, I'm just a bit numb with the moving from KK to KL to Perth and than back to KL thing, so I hope to just justify my writings I'll write a poem again...Help me Lord! Sorry, just ignore this blabber...I'm kinda writing to myself...XD

Before I left KK
I really must say
It never really hit me
For I was trying to not see

Like Uncle A. who kept reminding me
Reciting my many "last" so I can see
That time is short
And very soon in KK I''ll be not

My "last" supper
My "last" dinner
My ''last'' Sunday service
My ''last'' week leading

It never really sank in
For now I'm still bewildering
From small town to big city
It's really all so overwhelming

"Don't hold your bag like that"
"Don't look innocent"
"Don't leave anything in the car"
"Don't believe every guy who says he is a christian"

The many advice that never would I thought meant anything
But it's true
I can't go on being so naive
Or a sad case,statistic or victim I may truly be

Holding on to some things a youth Pastor told me
In kl the "the Harvest is plentiful" of guys
And wherever you walk it's not safe
The only way safe is to walk with Jesus

I'm so grateful for my Salvation right now
And the many friends that keep me connected with Kl/KK life
Without these I may never know how
I can get through this phase ever somehow

Leaving KK, I went through many "last"
This may sound weird
But one thing's for sure
I wanna make it last

That my


For without Him life will never be blast! XD


HenRy LeE ® said...

hope u will expand ur faith in the big city... hope to see u soon :)

Andr3a said...

haha... Pastor Noah's tagline "the harvest is plentiful" is always a classic:-D if you find a bf in KL, you might have to stay back there... hehehe