Wednesday, December 22, 2010

East to West....(Tarc Christmas Nite 2010)

16th December 2010
It was more than what I could comprehend
Our college's CF Christmas Nite
It was way more than a beautiful sight

Going a few posts back
I wondered whether doing the things I did
Was really worth doing at all
Or was I drowning in my own sea of busyness

Turns out it was really worth it
The sweat, tears and should I say blood
(blood in the drama that is...)
The many prayers, planning and preparation
On that night everything was in motion

The fact that even the day before, during our rehearsals
Scripts were still changing and needed amending
The place wasn't ready and everything was messy
It felt like a disaster and there was no answer

But God came and He interfered
Putting things into place
In His own mysterious ways
Its still a wonder, I must say

Suddenly there were enough ushers
And the food was nice
Good worship
And a wonderful sketch

But most importantly it was the people
The precious souls that came
I hope in God's Kingdom
They're here to stay

As we were reminded of the finished work on the cross
For some it was just the beginning
For its the first time they hear it
That Jesus died, and life becomes a whole new meaning

As I saw my 2 friends with their hands lifted up
And the only 2 who actually stood up
I can't help but jump for joy (like literally)
And allow my eyes to tear up a little

The joy I felt was so overwhelming
Making it clear that everything was worth it
The questions, pain and doubts
All fade away and never shall they stay

"As far as the east is from the west,
so far has he removed our transgressions from us"
Psalms 103:12

God came that night
He touched us gently
For those who've known Him
I believe we've grown closer
For those who've just received Him
I pray it won't be superficial
For I believe with my whole heart, mind and soul
That that night for those who raised their hands
And surrendered their hearts to God
Received the precious gift of all
And that's the gift of Salvation
The finished work of Christ

Beaten and tortured
Worse than an animal
Sinless and blameless
Yet He took it all in

Every stripe
Every whip
Every scar

Every flesh torn apart
Every hair pulled out
Every limb and bone that was broken

He took it for you and me...

That nail pierced hands
That crown of thorns
That rugged cross on the hill

This Christmas I have understood what it all truly means.
(And I pray the hundreds that came will experience the same.)

To God be the Glory!

Things turned out better than ok=)

It is truly by the grace of God!

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