Wednesday, December 22, 2010


Didn't know it would have gone this far
How relationships have gone ajar
Who is to be blame
No one will be named

No point pointing fingers

But to really open our ears

To hear each other out

And to listen to how we sound

We all have our point of views
Perceptions and assumptions

From all different angles

No one is an angel

The longer into a relationship

The more you
will see
That no one is perfect

I'm talking about me

When the situatio
n is under control
And "As long as you're happy"

Another statement someone else throws
And tension and confusion without mercy they roll

The hurt of people ganging up on you

May not just be that

But sometimes the w
ay we perceive things
Is really not what they want conveyed

At least some of us are still ok

Talked to a friend and "I'm fine" is what he says

Hope that's the truth

As he sleeps with peace on the bed he lays

I'm truly grateful to the dear people

Which God has placed around me

Every single one of them

I have learned something from
It's just crazy how God works sometimes

Making sure I'm cared for and loved by those around me
(Well at least I hope XD)

But for now as emotions and hormones run wild

While true friendships are worth taking the extra mile...

As I lay down a
nd try sleeping
The feeling of hurt I'm no more controlling

I succumb to the emotions that is so overpowering

And just allow my tears to start falling
Saddened by the fact that I'm not even praying

For God is really to whom I should be talking
Somehow I know that its not by feeling

But by truly believing

That these relationships are really worth keeping...

And that's exactly, what I will do.


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Journal Blogger said...

Tricia dont be sad. dont be hurt. you have me and the others.Pray to God. If you feel hurt please share with me and the others a lot of people are corncern of you. if you feel hurt when asleep feel free to call me or Amanda and others. If you preceive things that others convey wrongly then feel free to reconfirm with them dont jump to conclusion too fast anyway I definately your best friend