Sunday, January 2, 2011

2010 - 2011

It is already 2 days into the new year
And its crazy how time flies
Sometimes I really do wish I can stop time.
Just freeze it for a moment.
Relive all my memories.
The pleasant and not so pleasant ones
And just take a step back and gaze in awe of how God has crafted my life

As I reflect upon last year
I really hope I haven't fallen short of His glory
His magnificent plan for my life
Did I do everything that was planned out for me by Him?
Did I say the right words at the right time?
Did I slack in anything that may have pushed me off the path of righteousness?
Even if it is just a little?
Did I give my best in everything I do?
All my past glories- the trophies, medals and titles, did I give God the glory?
Did I think to myself "WWJD" before I made any small or big decisions?

Most importantly:
Did I spend enough time with my dear Heavenly Father?
To just sit in His awe-inspiring presence and gaze at His beauty

There are so many things I'm grateful to God for,
The prayer group. CF. TT Night.
My room. My bed. My guitar.
My laptop. My new phone. My wombat.

Me precious wombat!
(which was stolen/went over to Andrea's to stay the night)

My family. My phone line. My internet connection.
My friends. My love. My life.
My Dad. My King. My Companion.

The friends I love!
(There's more than this)

And the list can go on and on.....

Like seriously...

I can go on and on...

Until my heart is content...

As I list out every single deed God has blessed me with...

But time and space here is limited..

So I would stop.

But seriously, there's so much more.

Sometimes I feel like all these is surreal.
These blessings from God
What did I do to deserve all these?

Its like I'm from the inside looking out
Or rather on the outside looking in

How this girl has been so loved and cared for by the One who loves her
Surrounded by people that accepts her for who she is
Protected and comforted

I just stand amaze at what God has done for me thus far.
I can honestly say that 2010 has been one of the best years of my life.
A mark in my history.
A year I will never forget.

I was drawn closer to God.
Learnt to be independent.
Met many wonderful people.

I'm truly content and love every bit of my life right now.

I hope that 2011 will be even better.
(hard to comprehend though, cos whatever happened in 2010 is way beyond comprehension.)

But for now, I'm grateful for God has blessed me with such as these... =D

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Anonymous said...

dont worry you have done well this year well at least that what i think. dont worry trust in God and He will lead the way in this wonderful year.for He is our Father. i am glad my friend is happy

please dont be shy if you have any problems.