Thursday, January 27, 2011

Facebook does not define you.

Its everywhere.
Guards use it.
Housewives use it.
Businessmen use it.
Teachers use it.
Entrepreneurs use it.
People working at the information desk use it.
Babies use it.
Dogs use it.
And not to mention the millions or billions of students who cant live without it.

Sometimes we get so caught up in this cyber world
We communicate with people better online than off
Not knowing that personal contact and touch is way better
Compared to typing, typing and just typing
Sometimes we don't even realize the rubbish we're throwing

We evaluate or presume someone based on their Facebook profile
The more friends they have, "they're cool".
The more games they play, "they can help me out with this level".
The more pictures they take, "they're so self-absorbed".
The more they talk about the things they do
"faith, work, family, or even the things they sell"
"Too holy"
"Such a workaholic"
"No life"
"So desperate"
It never ends

When Mark Zuckerberg created this
I don't know whether this was in his mind
I doubt it because he said it was mainly to share his sister's wedding pictures

Turned out to be a phenomenon.

So Facebook,
Is there more pros than cons
Or cons than pros?

Something I'll never know.

The thing is
I have come to places where I feel all sad because no one visited my wall
Or I don't have enough friends compared to my pals
I'm not increasing in any level on the games I play
And I don't have cool pictures like the rest

But all that has changed.

Facebook does not define me,
God does.

A friend posted something on my wall
And was surprise to see my reply on hers
She thought that I would write it in the comments area

Reminded me of how I would have done that long ago
Just so that people can see how many comments I have
Or how many people writes on my wall
But its different now

I'm growing up
And beginning to realize
That although it may seem
That Facebook is everything
I mean kids spend 4 hours on it per day
And thats far from the extreme.
Its not who I really am

Yes, people do see my information
Yes, they see my profile
My pictures, my whereabouts, my friends
But they don't see the real me
My physicality, my feelings, my emotions
My height =P, my life, my faith

And so many are basing their friends on these profiles
That may not even be true!

We can say we're ok
We're fine
We're lonely
We're depressed
We're bored
We're this, We're that
We're emoing
We're frustrated
We're happy
Or whatever
But who knows the truth but you?

Some people use Facebook to tell off others.
Some use it to get things they want.
Some use it to make friends.
Some people use it to release emotions and stress.
Some use it for the right reasons
Some use it for the wrong.

Whatever the reason,
Lets not based someone on what's on they're profile.
It may be a show.
It maybe a cover up.
It may be a fluke.
It may not even be them!
(some mean people love impersonating others)

So the next time you go on Facebook
Face it, it may be on your other tabs by now =P
Try not to judge someone on what they just wrote
Or whats on their wall, or what others say on the comments
Or how many friends they have
And not even on what they look like in their pictures.

You never know
You may be missing out on a really really nice friend
Someone who may help you in the future
Or just a sounding board or a lending ear
Seriously?! You never know.

So lets not care when people throw negative statements.
And let us not always think they're referring to us.
Let us give everyone the benefit of a doubt.
For everyone has that sweet soul in them.
God loves them and so should we.
Let God do the judging and not steal His role.

Facebook does not define who you really are.


Steve Finnell said...

you are invitedto follow my blog

Tricia said...

ok, thanks =)

Lloyd said...

I really enjoyed reading the posts on your blog. I would like to invite you to come on over to my blog and check it out. God bless, Lloyd

covnitkepr1 said...

Me??? I rarely visit facebook.
I have added myself to follow your blog. You are more than welcome to visit my blog and become a follower also.

eerick said...

someone gave you a bad comment on facebook?

eerick said...

someone gave you a bad comment on facebook?

Tricia said...

Thanks Lloyd and Covnetkepr1 =) God bless you all!

Ee Rick, no one gave me a bad comment,lol! i wont be so worked up even they did, it was a post I wanted to do long ago..then my friend posted on my wall, I replied on that got me thinking, its written in the post,lol!

Toyin O. said...

Very nice post, I certainly agree with you:)

AMANDA SOO said...

Very well said, Trish =)