Wednesday, January 12, 2011

God is truly watching over me

Sometimes we feel so low we don't know what to do
How did things come to this
"Am I that mean" we think
I should have better foreseen

We enter this vicious merciless cycle
Where there's no clear end
Where the beginning starts
Or where it ends
Where the good begins
Or where the bad ends

Its so hard to comprehend
How things can go out of hand

The things said and done
The words we cant take back
The hurt inflicted
Is more than just red blood

It pierces through your heart
And you don't know what to do, say or think
But to do just the easiest
And let the river flow

Miscommunications and misconceptions
Hindering the form of good relationships

Its just so hard sometimes
Maybe I have to improve on my part
To be a better friend
So that no one's apart

To remember everyone
That God has placed around me
To treasure them
And handle with care

But what is done is done
And what is said is said
It is just so hard!

My true friend, the One above
Never dissapoints
He gave me Psalms 116
Pointing out verse 6
"The Lord protects the simplehearted,
when I was in great need, He saved me."

He look pass my failures
Pass my insecurities
Pass the mistakes I've made
Pass the wall I've put up
Pass the external
And looks into my heart

He's always been there for me
I can truly see Him
And on those days when I can't
I see Him through my friends and loved ones

They tell me that people make mistakes
And it is ok
That we're really living for God
And not for the sake of men

I'm feeling better now
Glad that I have this blog to escape
And God to be my guide
Friends who accept me for who I am
And a mom who gives great godly advice

What more can I say?
God is truly watching over me
Keeping His eyes on me
Never letting things get to far
Protecting me
Caring for me

As He watches over me
I'll watch over the things He has placed before me.

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Anonymous said...

God will hear you Trust in him and He will heal you talk to your friends too sometimes they have good advice even those who usually look like cant give good advice