Monday, January 24, 2011

Being Home

To sit at my piano and play the keys
To hear the sound of the tv
To hear my sister strumming her guitar
To see my mom wanting to see her favourite series
To know that my aunty is sleeping early
To see my grandma trying to exercise
To know that my kakak is sleeping soundly
All these are but a part of being home.

You rarely look at what you actually see
The ones we love sometimes we never take notice
Of how they do the things they do
The way they anticipate their favourite show
Or how they hog onto the computer
How they're discipline in they're own way
Or even how they sleep at night.

Going to college
Is like taking a step back
Or more like taking a step out

Zooming in on each family member
Making it clearer of what has
Always been in front of our eyes
Seeing the beauty in the littlest things

Like how my mom is putting so much effort in her work
She doesn't even want a day off
But we gotta stop her for even God rested. =)

Or how my sister spends so much time on the computer
With guitar in hand, never resting til she gets the music right
She not only has talent, but she also has passion.

How my aunt leads people so selflessly
Putting others in front of herself
Never complaining just simply loving.

Even the way my grandma holds herself
Despite being blind she never sighs
Doing things and praying even better than some of us.

And how my kakak has been a huge part of our lives
Cooking and cleaning,loving and caring
Especially when grandpa was still here.

As for grandpa, I still miss him so
His gentle spirit and kind heart
Will be something I'll learn to follow.

I should be saying all of these before I leave
But somehow its only a few hours and I'm already learning
Seeing things that before I've never seen
And reliving the memories of what's truly family

I'll savour the moment
And cherish every second
For what God has given me

Where each one lives for the other
And everyone lives for God

I'm so grateful for
Being home.

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