Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Pre-CPR feelings...

I don't know why
Why I'm feeling like these
Just washed my clothes
And unpacked my stuff

Soon I'll be packing again
And back to Melaka I'll be going yet again

Got some homework to do
Some mails to check
And some blogs to see

Man! Is God really working or what?
So many spiritual attacks
Here, there and everywhere

People getting sick
Us getting lost in traffic
5 hours around KL roads
Is seriously no joke...

Went to a friend's blog
And Hillsongs "With Everything" was playing
The intensity that just filled my room that instant!
The presence of God and the conviction in heart

Knowing that yesterday I went to Melaka
To have fun and to bond with friends
Today, I'm going back there
To bond with the team and mostly with God

I'm just in awe with the way God works
Touching me through a friend's blog
Making sure I give Him my everything
Not only as a committee but in all aspects

I'm really really excited bout this CPR
Short for "Committee Planning Retreat"
It will be a great great experience
Just feeling God's sweet sweet presence

I bind the work of the evil one right now
And speak for myself and the rest of us going
That through God we can do anything
And through Him we can do all things

Despite the fatigue
Despite the lethargy
We're gonna do it well
As we do it together for God

We're totally ready
So would you just start moving in everyone of us even right now
Saturate us with your love
Soak us in Your presence
Fill us with the Holy Spirit
Make us one as a team
And especially one with You


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