Sunday, January 23, 2011

Good Bye Hostel, We Will Meet Again

Sitting here by my laptop
Listening to Daughtry
Reminiscing on my college/hostel life
Knowing that this will be my last post for this semester

Cant wait to go home
To see my family, friends and church
I really miss them so
They'll always be a part of my heart

But still I cant but to just sit in ponder
At all the things that have happened in this 2nd semester
The first sem was already amazing but the second was better
In awe I still wonder

The new friends I met
The new experiences I felt
The disappointments I faced
And the abounding Joy I had

All these will be added into my mental diary
Somewhere deep in my mind
And they shall never be forgotten
As I remember them at whichever moment

Cant believe that God has truly blessed me with so
Nothing I did to deserve all these
But yet He has blessed me with such as these
To just gaze at His awe and beauty I just cant resist

Life has been like a roller coaster ride
The fun ones that makes our hair rise
Not because they're super duper scary
But because the moment you feel on top of the world
You can have a instant fall the next moment
(what do I know,I've never sat on one =P)

Its just been crazy!!
In a good and wonderful way that is

Played CS and L4D last night
As something I'll do for my last night
A few of us and the pro left early
The game didnt go as expected

Slept over at my friends room
We're like part of the 10% of Diploma's left
Everywhere is so quiet
But I kinda like this difference

She lives on the 3rd floor
So coming down the stairs this morning
Looking at a part of the green grass on the other side
Between the guys block
I have never seen it from this aspect

Got me thinking how sometimes we see things
In our own way or perspective
Never realizing that things can be
Way better and prettier than what is seen

Hostel has opened up my eyes
To the wildness and tameness of how college life could be
We choose to live it this way or that
Sometimes forsaking what comes after that

I love my hostel
Believing its where God has placed me
At this time and at this moment of my life
I am truly where I am suppose to be

Packed my stuff, cleaned my room
And off the airport soon will I be
Ok, Daughtry really makes you feel homesick
But home is where the heart is
And that's where I want to be

Thank you God for everything
The people and experiences
The wonder of Your glory
And your awe-inspiring presence

And thanks for putting me here in hostel
I place that I have fallen in love with

Good Bye Hostel
I would wanna say thanks for the memories
But it is only the beginning
I'll save that for another time
For we will meet again.<3>

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