Sunday, July 17, 2011

Cutting my hair short

Cutting my hair short
Not cos I'm feeling hot
But cos it's something I wanted to do
For months and months
I procrastinated

How would I look?
Would it come out the way I want it to be?
The way I picture it?
The way it should be?

All the fears and pre-worrying
The doubts and feelings that it would look ugly
The foreseen comments of people everywhere
The critics they may share


And I love it!
Not the style exactly
But the boldness and courage 
I took up to achieve it

Thanks to my dear friends
Sukhpreet and Amanda
Who screwed up my initial plan of going alone
Amanda said she'll drive me to make sure I have it chin length
And I'm totally glad she did
Cos I think I would have chickened out
Thank you so much to the both of you!

Its been more than a decade since I last had short hair
Wanted to try something new
An intention I intended since the beginning of last year =0
Shame on me for my timidity

After cutting
Some girls like it
The guys prefer it long
(but I'm not sure whether the guys comments account much cos they prefer long hair whether it's nice or not)
Some had no comment
That gives a really big hint! (lol)

But I'm still glad I did cut it
Cos it's a change and change is good
Whether I'm gaga over it is another story
But I'm still happy

Some say I look like a cute child
Some say I look so "auntie"
Why the far extremes?

2 guys kept singing on the guitar about how "auntie" I look 
During the wee hours of the morning
Which kept me laughing
And I did enjoy it

I'm just glad I'm not depressed over how short it is
Which reminds me of how I cried and cried once when I was little
Cos my fringe or hair was cut way too short 
Staring at the mirror with a face all swollen

It just needs time to get a little used to
By then people would have forgotten how my long hair looked
Unless they see pictures which are great reminders

A few things though I have to remember before cutting my hair this drastic:
1. Tell my sister the plan before she slaps me
2. Bring friends that makes sure its chin length before leaving the saloon
3. Be prepared for the weird (aunty)comments
4. Prepare to not feel regretful whatever the outcome
5. Bring enough money cos you don't wanna look phony!

My new hair style!

The best part?
It only costed me RM9!!!
9 bucks to chop off almost one feet of my hair!
Not bad at all!
Savvy much!


Anonymous said...

ur picture got problem la.. can't see.. hehe.. and u got ur points right!.. =p SO CHEAP AH?? maybe i should cut mine there too.. not that short of course. i cut less will the price be less too?? =)

Tricia said...

Lol, so sorry bout the pic, would change it..but may I know who are you? XD

Anonymous said...

ah yo.. this is Debbie la.. can't recognize me already is it??... KL treating you too good ah?? =P