Friday, July 29, 2011

Is it worth your life?

Coming to KL, my eyes have been opened and knowledge broadened. Just walking through campus or even the streets, I see so many people with disabilities. The blind, the lame, the homeless, the deformed. Yet they still push through and press on. Not allowing disabilities to come in the way of them pursuing an education or making a living. Seeing students on crutches or wheel chairs, taking the extra effort to bring themselves from one place to  another. Or even some with protruding ribs or other deformities, still gaging up the courage to face a world of "normal" people with curious or even sympathetic side-way glances. Blind people with their white canes, coming on and off a LRT. It amazes me how they can maneuver their way around KL with the aid of a stick and dots on the floor. (Yet, I still get lost). Not knowing whether the path they're taking is safe or has pricks, whether there'll be and overhead board that would smack them in the head. Waking up every morning to pick and coordinate whatever they're gonna wear without knowing how a nice sky blue shirt can go well with the color of their jeans. I can't imagine not being able to see what I wear, let alone put on a belt blind eyed. The effort and extra time it takes. 

Yet these amazing people can still live a fulfilling life by waking up (whether on the right or wrong side of bed) to another day of uncertainties. Seeing these people always brings to mind the hundreds of people that have committed or are contemplating suicide. They have everything to live for compared to the blind and crippled yet they opt for what looks like the answer- death. They have eyes to see the beauty of God's creation, legs to dance, run or jump with joy, no deformities that stands in their way of a healthful life. All of life's advantages behind them compared to the physically broken yet they just don't see. 

Relationships, financial, mental or whatever the issue, it can be overcome by the grace of God. If only they'll focus on the beauty of life and stop victimizing themselves by surrendering to their own self-centeredness. Having negative thoughts like "the world would be a better place without me".  Wake up and smell the fresh air! (although its not that fresh anymore due to men's sin) We have the world at our fingertips compared to the  underprivileged, yet the ones that are complaining the most are...sadly, the ones who shouldn't. 

Whatever the cause or whatever is happening. Whether it's a sour relationship or financial crisis. Think about it and think again. Is it really worth your life? Besides, seeing how Jeremiah prayed "LORD, I know that people’s lives are not their own; it is not for them to direct their steps." Who are we to end it when it's not in our authority to begin with. Problems come and they will eventually go. Unlike the blind who faces a new battle every single day of their lives to walk in (physical) darkness. Of course God has to be in the equation. Minus Him, I would have no answer to the worth of my life.God is worth my life. If the disabled can live life to the fullest why not we? Cos seriously and frankly speaking, are the problems you're facing right now, really worth your life?

Even a seed germinates and lives on without a conducive environment.
Unlike this plant, we have friends that care
A surrounding of love
A God that IS love
And He loves you.

Talk to HIM and you'll find that there's more to life than just....dying.

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