Sunday, July 17, 2011


A dear friend of mine
Whose name shan't be disclosed
Would always be on a high note
Even if she's on stony road

She just accepted God not too long ago
Not even a 1 year old christian
Yet it's like she's known the Lord all her life
Loving Him wholeheartedly calling Him lovely

Her faith speaks of maturity
Of genuine love and sincerity
Always lifting up Jesus' name
Putting complacent Christians to shame

Leaving her old religion
And coming into a real relationship
I admire her guts and tenacity
To go through hardship and face reality

For the love she has for the One above
Persecution from the ones she loves
Resentment and rejection
Nothing she deserves

Yet she smiles whenever I see her
Despite the scars 
Her faith unaltered
With heart abandoned

She says she finds joy in suffering
For there will be no more in heaven
So she'll rather have it right here
Nothing compares to the knowledge of God

When I see her I see faith
Faith that knows no boundary

When I see her I see hope
Hope that never ceases

When I see her I see love
Love that never fails

For the One who has it all.

She inspires me to fall in love with Him daily
All over again in a meaningful relationship
To talk to Him for He is real
To share with Him all that's within me

The problems and trials I face?
Nothing compared to hers
For its a daily battle for her
As she faces opposition everyday

Her love for God is so contagious
It makes you wonder what's gotten into her
Sharing the gospel as much as she can
To as many people as possible

Not caring on what people say or think about her
She goes all out for God like there's no tomorrow
Secretly reading her bible and praying
Whether its midnight or in the wee hours of the morning

She's willing to abandon all for Him
Crazy it may seem
But that's the way of true Christian living
And that is what she's modelling

I see her and I stand amaze
At how God's hand is upon her
And I pray she'll stay faithful despite whatever the cost
Or whatever the odds
I'll say a prayer for her every time I think of her
Meet her sometime to catch up with her
To hear her stories of how she remains faithful
And hopefully try to be helpful
As a friend whose not slothful
I hope she'll be wise in her words
To not offend or condemn but just allow God's hand
To help those around her
To submit herself to the Lord
And to know that His plan for her are good
She is my silver lining
For every time I see her I am truly

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HenRy LeE ® said...

it's good to know that ur friends around u have been encouraging u spiritually. Knowing u is a blessing to me too. Take care sis! :D