Monday, March 5, 2012

Bad day cos of some Dirty Laundry?!

Woke up at 10 and mentally listed down my to-do list. Lecture got cancelled and that means more time to do some laundry, assignments, reading and the "endless" spring cleaning of my room. Oh ya! And there was PnP to be done. Short for "Publicity and Promotion" for our Easter event coming this Wednesday. Since I had more then a weeks load of clothes to wash (due to my uber busy schedule), I decided to be practical and use the washing machine provided in our hostel, something I rarely do to safe cost plus its cleaner hand washing them on my own. But it's the beginning of the month and I do have some spare to change so I load my 2 buckets of clothes and throw my bed sheet in and walk up one floor to where my blocks washing machine was placed and there was nothing. The note above it stated that there will be new washing machines replaced and that we have to use those at Blocks A, B and C. Now, I live in Block F so its quite a distance to walk all the way to the other blocks but I thought it could turn into some good morning exercise with 2 heavy buckets and the detergent serving as dumb-bells. Plus, I can talk to God on my way there and spend more time with Him while waiting 30 minutes for the clothes to wash.

Block A: Someone else had her clothes in the washing machine and it stated 20 minutes left. Didn't want to wait that long so moved on to Block B.

Block B: Yay! Someone just finished her laundry and the clothes were in 2 filled pails by the washing machine. I poured in my detergent, separately threw in my clothes and put in my six 50 cents. None went in. The stupid  machine just kept giving me back my coins. Another 15 minutes there trying to get my coins in. (For one thing, it's rare that I have so many coins in hand, for another, how did the girl before me manage to get her coins in?!) Started thinking about different ways.Waited for a girl staying at that block to finish brushing her teeth and washing her face. And when you're in a hurry, the wait seems like it takes an hour. Asked her and she had no clue.

*Thought to myself, should I just ask a guy friend to wash my clothes in their washing machine? No. That wouldn't be ethical.

With one of my soiled shirts, I regretfully and grudgingly wiped off as much detergent as I can off the base of the washing machine hoping I did not waste too much and that it can still be used for when I actually get to wash my clothes. Gave in, cos the coins just did not want to go in. Moved on to Block C. Now with grumbling I thought, if I did hand wash my clothes I may be all done by now! What a way to start a "good" day getting hit like that (by the devil!)

Block C: Only 1.75 is needed. Another broken machine where we can save cost by cheating and just putting two 20 cents in and the machine will be all dysfunctional in a good way, accepting a mere 40 cents to wash a whole load of clothes when it should cost 3 ringgit. I've cheated before, many times until they got the machine fixed and we had to pay the full amount. I guess what goes around comes around because after feeding it six 50 cents, it was still 25 cents short! There is no 5 cent hole, so can you feel the agitation? What if I put in another 20 cents which I didn't have right then and it still needed 5 cents more. (And all this talking about the cent down to it's half like 25 cents is making me go dizzy!) Anyways, I was fuming by then. Just stood there. Didn't blame God but just questioned why when I had a whole day ahead of me with things I must and need to accomplish. 2 friends helped and got me a last and final 20 cent. If this wasn't gonna work I won't even think of what I'll do next cos it may be.......unthinkable. But thankfully, it accepted my coin and I paid 3.20 for something that primarily cost only 3.00. What to do now? (a) Continue to sulk and think how my day could get anymore worst. (b) Call mom to tell her all that I've received from God in the past few days with church and all. Chose the latter.

After a good chat with her, things seemed better but I was running out of time and couldn't do half the things on my to-do list. Changed my bed sheet and rushed of for the course to course promotion for our Easter event.

Easter Nite 2012"The Greatest Love Story" 复活节庆典“真爱。故事” 

To cut the long story short.....

It was the toughest one yet, so much so that my friend had to pray under his breath for me as he worked on getting the video on in the computer to show some hundred students. The teacher wanted them to comment on my presentation skills = =. I'm there to promote Jesus! Not to be graded for humility! And the teacher threatened and challenged us whether we still wanted to promote. Still proud that we gave a confident YES!!!

After about 6 or 7 lecture halls and a classroom, I had to rush off to finish an assignment. Straight after that, to worship practice for CF the next day. Still with loads on my mind, I did it all with peace in my heart. And after practice, we had a prayer meeting and this was what happened.

It was crazy!!! Never saw God move this mightily in this circle of friends!! I want it to happen in a bigger way again!! 10pm off to a small briefing for "Kingdom Invasion" in Singapore! (super duper excited about that!) and 10.30 for prayer. And so my day ended pretty well but before I call it a night, we have assignments to rush cos I won't be here week 6 cos I'll be in Singapore. So it's 6.57 in the morning, and I'm still sitting here in the canteen, just finished reading through our final work of assignment and compiling our presentation slides. And the birds are chirping and there was the morning prayer through the speakers and the maids are here starting their day by doing their chores while I haven't ended mine. 

And so now I will go to bed without distress, although knowing that my clockwork has been a mess, knowing God is still at hand and that in my heart I still have peace, I shall go to bed and rest and wake to a new day in 3 hours and less.....

*Don't mind me! I'm just happy! :D

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