Thursday, March 29, 2012

Goosebumps on my legs

I wake up late
More than just "way too late"
It's past noon and I have a list of things to do
But You catch my attention before anything
And make me sit and spend time with You

After brushing my teeth and cleaning myself up
I sit on my bed with things in my head
I take out that Choco Pie a dear friend gave me
Instead of dirtying my sheets I eat it outside
With thoughts of You embedded in my mind

I sit down and look up into the skies
Let the wind's breeze take me away
Breathe in all of Your blessings
Content of where I am and who I belong to
I gently close my eyes

My head lowers as I feel You closer
You enrapture me strongly with Your tender LOVE
I feel goosebumps surfacing on my arms
And then something new
I feel them on my legs

You love me so and wanna touch me whole
Never have I felt You in such a way
As you touch me and hold me this way
In Your arms I know I'll never be the same
Even as I feel these goosebumps on my legs...

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