Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Abuse and detoxification

Abuse and then detoxification
Stuff and things that have happened
Polluting things off its origin
Making it "fit" into what we believe in

In the taxi on the way to college's library
I hear some cars honking
The horn was invented for safety
But now we decide that it's unnecessary

We hear the honk and we get scared
When it's suppose to warn us for safety
Instead we glimpse with fury at the driver
"Why on earth did he do that?!" we wonder

Or how we acknowledge and describe the way God moves
Because He did not work in our "own" preconceived way
Doesn't mean that we should blanket it
Making sure He doesn't do it with other people

The subtle change or way of thought
Thinking its minor but its actually abuse
Makes a whole world of difference
In this we never gave a second thought

Abuse is always or most of the time
Paired with the words "physical" or "verbal"
But how about the way we think?
Are there such things as the abuse of "thoughts"?

Belief shapes paradigm
And paradigm shapes perspective
Which ultimately shapes our actions
So is it time for a paradigm shift?

To not think we know it all
Because only God knows it all
And even with that He chose to keep the "end of the world" -unknowingly
Does that speak of humility?

"Unknowingly" as in, the ultimate secret
I know it may not make any sense
But I'm thinking real hard
And allowing the detoxification to sink in

Its just that sometimes we become so sure of ourselves
Secured in the pattern of thought we have
Deleting every other truth that may come
Just because it did not align to our personal experience

My Pastor once taught me to not "blanket" a certain way
Onto everything else that may seem logically "swayed"
Like most of the world who would conventionally say
Because God is not limited by my thoughts or my "way"

So now in this serious state of being "mentally challenged"
I just have to allow God to move in His own way
The "abuse" may have been done
But then detoxification can also be done

So I'll just allow myself to soak in His LOVE
Knowing that it is not the end of the world
For my Father in Heaven- the future He holds
And for that I'm fully secured even if all else fails....

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