Friday, December 7, 2012

In Awe and In Wonder

In awe and in wonder of who my God is
How did this feeling bud?
By sitting down on that hostel car park divider
Kinda my favorite spot to sit when I have the extra time
(especially after midnight where less people's around)
Realizing the times where real significant conversations took place there

I sit down and gaze at the stars
Resting, breathing, reflecting
On why I'm feeling the way that I'm feeling
Even after a long day's work
With stress, emotions and a never ending to-do lists
5 more assignments and a big prayer run tomorrow
Deadlines not reached, deserving of "red cards"
But Grace comes in and occupies that void
I understand why I'm here again

Realizing that with God everything and anything is possible
Can't believe that you could do so much and go non-stop
Yet not feel drained out or passed out
But feel such a sense of fulfillment
When God replaces all your "agenda"

Started with a good conversation with my dear Pastor
Where she talked and walked me through this phase of a major transition in life
Having "accidentally" sat through a fire prevention talk which was very helpful indeed
Funny part is, my friend and I thought this was a talk by some outside preacher
On how to maintain the FIRE of God in church
When it was actually some fire department guy teaching on the prevention of fire accidents
The irony! (LOL)

Had lunch with part of the full time team
Who happen to be very wonderful friends
And some of the closest actually
Really look up to them
So easy-going, fun-loving and approachable
One even "found" me the first night of college I felt so "lost" in hostel

Then I was off to print some prayer cards for the run in college tomorrow
RUNTAR in fact, a smaller version of the "life-changing" run: RUNNAT!
Was real excited and thought I could get the printing done by half an hour
Ended up staying there for about 3 hours because they won't do the cutting for me
Talk about flourishing business where they don't need to pay attention to minor details

Got such a headache after that phase
Finished an assignment with dear college bestie which was way overdue
Blood pumping in head, tried to focus on reading the last few touches
Got it printed and couldn't wait to get out of that confinement
Which confined me, my whole afternoon!

Rushed over to a friend's place for the last meeting for our waited run
Was totally excited about the run despite the different technicalities and utter confusion
Took a breather and realized that we were rewriting history
Being the first college to adopt this Prayer Run method
Realizing that news on this would and are already in the process of being covered
I STOP. and think. BECOMING more aware of what God is doing
And wondered how I ended up in it

Then rushed off to see a movie against my convenient liking
Secretly wanted to back out of this plan, planned long ago
For it was a movie I wouldn't choose on my own
But the fact that it's "quality" and not "academic" time with classmates
I went along instead dragging my feet on the inside of my heart

And to my surprise this movie caught my full attention I would say!
Hands down the best movie I have seen in 2012
Best movie in fact, on my list after "A Walk to Remember"
Which was seen years ago

The Kingdom truth and intelligent conversations
Reenacting what my dad once told me when I was a kid
When Pi believed in 3 different religions
Still young, still learning, in awe of the many gods
Pi's dad told him not to believe in everything
Because that way, you're not really believing in anything
I guess you know which movie it is now

I love it because it made me think
About this faith I have
And in what I'm really believing in

Not sure what the director was thinking
Or where he came from
The lessons he intended the viewers to take home
Vague but so appealing
To me at least
For that I'm still thinking

STRONG Kingdom truth
Embedded in what seems like a messy sort of confusion
He who has ears let him hear

The power of His irrational love for us
Director Ang Lee has gone beyond my expectation
Despite the Director of Brokeback Mountain not being my fave
This show made me see the creative and ingenious part of him
No wonder the many Academy Awards

I can go on and on and on and on about my day
But somehow somewhere I need to stop for here is not where I stay
I have to move on and not live in the past whether bad, good or awesome!
For my God is a never changing God
Making me realize more and more each day
Of what I blessed girl I am

Therefore to be in awe and in wonder of who I am and who my God is
Shall always be on my mind in a continuous state
For then is where......I AM TRULY LIVING 

Our very own RUNTAR prayer cards!!!

More that just a movie.

Just me being happy with babies!

Prayer Card image courtesy of Andrea Teo! A very dear friend and fellow committee of this RUNTAR 2012!!!

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