Friday, November 23, 2012

Ending a Season

Ending a season
That's what convocation does
It forces me to think back, relax
And ponder on how God has placed me here in TARC KL

The people, blessings and circumstances
All adding on to a bigger picture
A picture which I yet still can't see
Because my eyes can't behold the vastness of it

But God sees it
And He know the ending result
Where stronger strokes of paint
Resembles the hardship, tears and pain

While gentle strokes of freedom
Mixed with too much water
Gives it a softer feel
Of the times I just fly and soak in His love for me

Still can't believe its been over 2 years now
Since I left the comfort of my home
And the security of a "strong" shelter
Never expecting that SO much would happen in my 2 years here

I had my plans
But God had His too
And it's just so overwhelming
That He's plans are just mind- blowing

They say the best years of your life
Would be your college years
I'm seeing that and so much more
For a life lived for God reaches far greater and more

I'm still a work in progress
Still shaping, still learning
To be more Christlike
And to be able to mirror His heart

And at 21, it plays an even more significant role
Stepping into freedom where mom won't always be there
Where paying bills and washing clothes (on time) is a necessity
And finding my ultimate destiny truly lies on living by His Voice

It's a bit scary
But seeing Him see me through my diploma season
I've come to know that trusting Him would be my ultimate freedom
As I end this season, and go into the new......

Thank You Daddy, for all of Your blessings. 

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Debbie said...

HELLO HELLO!! keeping updated with your posts... =) keep writing!!