Sunday, November 11, 2012

The Impossible

Signs of the impossible starts happening again
When I thought I could have breath a sigh of relief
It jerks me back up again
Letting me know that its not over and done with

With too many similar signs it's starting to scare me
On earth it seems irrelevant, unattainable and illogical
But somehow somewhere in the realm of the Supernatural
I have a feeling that things are orchestrating to the beat of God's heart

It can be mental torture
To think, think and yet think again
To go into a cycle of illusion 
Which may bring to perceived disillusion

I'm tired of these signs, dreams and impressions
All leading to that same "someone" again
When the matter of the fact is
That it cannot happen for he's already taken

Now all I can do
Is sigh at Heaven
Why this, why now?
Why all over again

I shall guard my heart
And keep my hopes in check
But at the same time not allow a defense mechanism
To block me from receiving true love when it really comes

God, help me in this state of uncertainty
To believe that it will go both ways and not just my way
That when the whole situation does not make any sense 
I will still hold on to the God above common sense

Whether it really happens or not
Whether what we saw was actually what You revealed
May I not take this experience and point a finger at You
But may I be reassured that You are forever faithful

And so I shall continue to believe in The Impossible...