Tuesday, November 6, 2012

External Dictation

External Dictation
That's what I seem to be seeing
(And I'm tired of it)
We live our lives
Based on outward signs
Rather than inward convictions
We act in a "certain" way
Joke in a "hurtful" way
Confront in an "emotional" way
Defend in a "justifiction" way
And forget about living His way
We whine and sulk about how life's treating us
How people misunderstand us
How it is not fair
How things are not how they are suppose to be
And how we ever ended up in that state of despair

We go on and on and on
Blaming everyone else
Circumstances and situations
Our upbringing and family backgrounds
Justifying the way we are living

Never realizing that we're so self-centered
When we think the way that we think
Victimizing ourselves
Blaming it on others
When the blame should be on the devil

We allow external dictatorship
To tell us who we should love
Who we should be in a relationship with
How we should treat or joke about someone
Or basically how we should live our lives

External dictatorship comes in all forms
Circumstances and situations
Misunderstood confrontation
And dysfunctional accountability
Sucking the lives out of us when in the right context
All the above should be really helping us

For all I know Oprah Winfrey was molested as a child
And look where she is now
She didn't allow external circumstances dictate her future
Something we can actually learn from her
To not sulk, dwelling on the past
But to press on towards a bright future

Plus as a child of God
I have more to believe in and to be happy about
For this I shall:
Stop behaving in a pitiful way
Of allowing external things, circumstance or sayings
To dictate my thoughts, beliefs and actions
I shall look inward
To the One who shall dictate where I should go
And not allow external dictations to dictate me no more...

"We don't have a right to have a thought in our mind that isn't in the heart of God." ~ Bill Johnson.

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