Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Jennifer Tai Photo artistry

So, I have always been interested in photography, especially ones with people inside. I love taking scenery's but there's just something about portraits and candid shots that seem to inspire me, giving me that inner feeling of being just grateful with life despite all the talk on how bad the world is becoming. Giving me a sense of Faith, Hope & Love. The Gift of the One in us (whether we're yet to discover it) shining through the glistening of the eyes...real magical and sometimes surreal indeed. Making me fall in love with my loved ones all over again and even strangers I see in pictures just because.....

So when I came across Jennifer Tai Photo Artistry's Facebook page, I just couldn't stop looking through the pretty pictures she took of families, weddings and babies. If I ever become a professional photographer (which I highly doubt), I'll wanna be someone like her, taking portraits of people all year round because unlike just capturing studio shots and wedding pictures, only depicting a present happiness, I can make time stand still, locked up with just a click, capturing that precious moment of love which stood against the test of time. Where outer beauty fades off, giving in to where true beauty lies- messy babies, wrinkled smiles, dirty children and "sick-in-love" older or even young couples. True beauty defined. 




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